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When’s the Best Time of Year to Remodel a House?

Urgent renovations should happen as soon as possible, but if you’re dreaming of an updated kitchen or a living room makeover, a little planning for your remodel can save you hassle and money. Colder months can bring savings, but renovation projects might only work out logistically in the warm seasons. Find out when to remodel your home based on the seasons.

Remodeling in the Spring

There are several home improvement projects to do in the spring, such as cleaning, repairing, or replacing windows or adding insulation.

Build Decks or Patios

For a new deck or patio to enjoy all summer long, you’ll want to consult a designer and/or contractor in the winter, during the off-season. Then, you’re prepared to start building the deck in the spring, when the ground is softer and easier to build on. Working on this project in the spring also means cooler temperatures for workers, and the outdoor space will be ready to use in time for summer.

Install New Windows

Installing new windows is a popular job for summer, but that means you might have an easier time booking a contractor before peak season. Plus, the cooler spring temperatures will be more bearable than installing windows on a hot day.

Add Insulation

Did you spend the winter shivering and cranking up the thermostat? You might need better insulation, and it’s best to tackle this project before summer comes around.

Remodeling in the Summer

Summer is the most popular time of year for home remodels. The long, sunny days are ideal for taking care of big projects, but the high demand means it can be harder to find available contractors. Plus, building materials can cost more. Still, there are plenty of home improvement projects to do during the summer, like repairing heat sources or scheduling remodels during your family vacations.

Furnace Repairs

The last thing most people want to do is think about their furnace when it’s 90 Fahrenheit outside. But before you jump in the pool, you might want to hire a professional to assess your furnace and get it ready for the colder months. Many people rush to have this work done in the fall or winter, so tackling it in the summer can save you the hassle of finding an available contractor.

Fix or Update Fireplaces

Similarly, many people don’t think to service their fireplaces until fall or winter, so demand and labor costs can be lower in the summer. Even if you just want to give your fireplace a makeover, summer is the best time to do it. Then, when it’s time to cozy up by the fire on a chilly fall night, your fireplace is ready to go.

Major Renovations During Vacations

Living among the mess of a remodel can be challenging. Luckily, summer is a popular season for vacations. Why not hire a local home remodeling professional to finish the work while you’re away? This tactic can help minimize the amount of time you spend living among the wreckage. Just be sure to keep your phone handy in case your contractor needs to call you about the project.

Remodeling in the Fall

Although spring temperatures can be similar to fall, all that rain can hinder the number of remodeling projects you can do. Fall’s cooler temperatures and dryer air make it an ideal time of year to make renovations. From landscaping to remodeling your basement, here are some top remodeling projects to do in autumn.


Landscaping? In the fall? Groundbreaking! With peak landscaping season in the rearview, you can get deals on landscaping services in the fall. The cooler temperatures and moist soil are great for planting, and you can start winterizing your outdoor spaces at the same time.


From Labor Day to Black Friday, there are plenty of deals on appliances in the fall. During this season, retailers are also hoping to move this year’s models out to make room for next year’s new appliances. That means you can save money on that new fridge or stove you’ve been dreaming of for your kitchen remodel. You can also invest in energy-efficient models to save more money over time with lower utility bills.

Air Conditioning

Just as you’re ready to turn off the AC for the year, you might want to have a professional make sure everything is in working order for next year. This is also an optimal time to winterize the AC unit by adding a waterproof cover.

Attics and Basements

Fall is the best time of year if you’re hoping to finish the basement or turn the attic into a cozy guestroom. The attic won’t be sweltering like it is in the summer, and the basement won’t be frigid like it is in the winter. Plus, the cost of building materials will be lower than they typically are in the summer, and it’ll be easier to hire a local remodeling service for basements or attics during the off-season.

Exterior Paint

Painting the outside of your home or garage is a job typically done in the summer. But as long as you aren’t experiencing a rainy fall, the cooler weather of this season is ideal for outdoor painting.

New Flooring

Floors, particularly wood floors, can expand or contract if the air is too humid or dry. Fall tends to have a good balance. Plus, the air is cool enough to open the windows and help ventilate a room after floors are installed.

Roof Repairs or Updates

Roofing is another popular summer renovation, but the high temperatures can make it a sweaty job. The high demand can also make it harder and more expensive to book a contractor. Winter can be too cold for this job, and spring can be too wet, so fall offers the best weather for roofing repairs.

Remodeling in the Winter

Frigid temperatures and rain or snow can make remodels, particularly outdoor projects, nearly impossible in the winter. But there are several home remodeling projects to do in the winter, from building new additions to painting interiors.

Plan Decks and Outdoor Services

Start turning your patio or deck visions into reality in the winter. Consult local remodeling designers, builders, and/or landscapers in winter, so you have a fully-fledged plan in place come spring, when you can start remodeling your outdoor spaces. You can also score off-season deals in the winter.

Foundations and Additions

The frozen ground and dry air in winter are easier to work with when building foundations and room additions than the higher humidity or wet soil of spring and summer.

Room Remodels

Just as you might prefer scheduling room remodels during summer vacations, you can also plan this work if you are traveling for the winter holidays. The added benefit of remodels during winter is that building materials are often less expensive due to lower demand, so you might even budget to remodel multiple rooms at once.

Interior Painting

It might be too cold for exterior painting, but you can finally get around to repainting your bedroom in the winter. One major advantage to painting interiors in the winter is that the air is less humid, so the paint can dry evenly.

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