Before starting with a new construction or renovation, including a new roof, you need to know:

If you need a building permit for the renovation, and how to get that permit.

In general, not all renovation projects need a permit, but for additions or major changes to your home, you will need it.

So, let´s take a look to the necessary steps you should take when applying for a building permit.

When you need a building permit

The first thing to do is to determine if your project requires a permit.

The first place to look for is on the cities websites, if they do not appear on internet, then, make a call to the Building Department.

Generally, cosmetic work inside your home doesn’t need a permit.

In this category are works of painting, flooring updates, and updating bathroom fixtures.

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom may need one, especially if you move plumbing, electric, or gas lines.

If you want to finish a basement you need a permit.

Roofing projects and siding need a permit.

In the case of attaching a deck to your home, most cities require a permit.

If the deck is not attached to a building and is 30 inches or higher it will require a permit.

To avoid violations to building code, you must be sure about your situation on this topic.

Project plan

Every project needs a plan.  You must have one before applying for a renovation permit.

Plans should include the following information:

  • You contact information
  • Address and/or assessor´s parcel number
  • Description of work
  • Architect and/or engineer
  • Name of general contractor
  • Project timeline
  • Drawings

The project plan has to be sent to the city and request a review before submitting the permit application.

Get a preliminary review

Before submitting your formal application for a permit, go to your local building department and be sure your proposed project is ok.

You will know what documents you need with your application.

Submit your permit application

When you complete all the required documents, make a package including your project plan, the permit fees and submit the application packet.

Wait for the answer

It is probable that you have to wait several weeks for an answer.

It is also possible that they ask for more information during their review process.

Rejection of your plan

If you get a rejection letter you have a chance to comply.

The letter includes this information:

  • Review comments
  • Instructions for resubmitting your application
  • Resubmittal date

Building departments give you some time to complete your application before it expires.

Permission Granted

After you get the re-roofing permission, there will be at least one building inspection during the building process.

For construction project like an addition to your home, you’ll have multiple inspections.

When you complete the works, you’ll have a final inspection.

Important Advice

Most projects require time of planning and application documents. To be sure about getting the permission, you need the assistance of professional contractors.

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