The DIY culture has been strongly positioned in our society, so it’s very common that people want to do home repairs by their own.
But when we talk about roofing, there are several things you should never do.

DIY roofing work

With the DIY approach, it´s possible to save money initially, but in the long run it will cost you more because of the low quality.
Additionally, roofing with this approach can lead to several other problems and other expenses.
At last, if the installation or repairing work is not done properly, can appear damages later on the foundation, attic, and walls.
Paying no attention to the roofing work
Delaying small fixes cost more in the end, so it´s a bad idea leave roof maintenance for later, even the smallest issue requires immediate attention.
Always, a better option is to call the experts for regular inspection and maintenance, and not wait until visible signs of damage emerge.
Contracting experts at cheap rates
There is the common tendency to save money on roof work. This is fatal because compromises the quality of the roof work for prices.
According to some studies, the cheapest roof contractors don´t offer good quality in their work and these works don´t last longer.
Therefore, you should not choose a roofing contractor based only on the price offered.
There are more factors to watch: contractor record on the market, other clients´ opinions and quality of the proposal.
Roofing work is costly, but if you have a safe roof, this allows you and your family to stay without safety problems.

Power Wash

Normally, many people wash the roof, in the same way as they wash everything, this mean the use of water, brush, and other cleaning tools.
To remove algae, for example, many use this approach, the problem is that you also remove the granules that protect the shingles.
The result of this is that it will shorten your roof lifespan.

Ignore debris in roof valleys

Twigs, branches, leaves and seeds produced in the valleys of the roof cause damping up in different levels.

As a result, there will be leaks on your roof.

Ignore blocked gutters

Gutters must be also clear, as well as valleys, otherwise you will have leaks, too.

Anything that lets water sit anywhere on your roof, will produce water leaks inside your home.

Install a new roof over an old damaged roof

There is a law for installing roofs: Your old roof must be removed prior to the installation of the new roof.

If the old roof is not removed prior to install a new one, shorten the lifespan of the new roof.

Walk on the roof

Walking around your roof is dangerous and damages your roof. You should never do this because it can produce bad accidents.

Shingles granules are designed to protect the shingles from the sun, heat, ice and other nature elements.

If granules are removed, your roof will be unprotected and will have a shorter lifespan.

Pull up shingles to look for leaks

If you have a leak, never remove shingles to search where it comes from. This will result in more damage.

The best advice is to resist the desire to fix your leak, and call an expert.

Let anyone install a skylight

Installing a skylight by yourself, or by someone without experience, can easily ruin your roof.

Always contract a professional to install your skylights, he should know that the hole required must be repaired without compromising your roof.

Attach a basketball hoop on your roof

Attaching a basketball hoop to your roof is not a good idea.

When the ball repeatedly hits the hoop, it vibrates and causes the bolts to break the seal of your roof.

When the seal is damaged, it will produce leaks and shorten the life of your roof.

Attach Christmas Lights

There are many ways to attach your Christmas lights without making a hole in your shingles.

Always that you use nails, screws, or staples, or anything attached to your shingles, you can damage the roof and cause leaks.

Install solar panels directly to your roof

Attaching things to your roof can easily damage it, for different reasons, as we have seen.

The best, instead of using bolts to attach solar panels to your roof, is to use a hidden bracket system.

Please, call a licensed professional to attach the solar panels with a hidden bracket system.

Conclusions & Recommendations

  •  Do not use the approach DIY when doing something on your roof.
  •  Always call a professional for roof work.
  • Roofing is expensive, but it worth every dollar you pay.
  • Trying to save money in roof work always is more expensive in the end.
  • You have to be proactive with the maintenance of your roof.
  • Don´t use your roof for installing other things, the roof is not designed for gadgets.
  • The roof protects you and your family, protect it in the same way.

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