There are many words used in construction such as renovation, remodel and retrofit with similar meaning. 

However, in real life, these types of projects do have unique specific meanings and considerations.

It’s important to know the difference in these terms, in order to improve the communication with commercial contractors.


Renovations refer to projects wherein the structure is being restored or repaired.

Renovations are synonymous with remodeling.

The difference is that remodeling implies to change the structure, and renovation refers to repair the structure. 

Some renovations are particular, focused on a specific element and others are more substantial and overlap with remodels, for example, re-roofing.   

A commercial renovation generally includes repairing or replacing some parts of a building that may be obsolete or damaged. 

Renovations add value to the structure and are often more cost effective than new construction or a complete remodel.  


Retrofitting is another type of project similar to remodeling. 

With retrofitting, you are adding something new to the original building.

Nevertheless, its final purpose is to improve the functionality of the building by adding new technology, building systems, or equipment. 

Remodeling is more focused on the aesthetics and appearance rather than the functionality of the construction. 

Among the retrofit projects for commercial buildings we can see those to improve the efficiency by updating heating elements, improved windows, or new insulation. 

The retrofits for rooftop in commercial buildings improve the life expectancy of the structure roof and produces lower-maintenance.

There are seismic retrofitting projects that improve the capacity of the structure to handle earthquakes or ground motion.


The roof is the most important and sensible section of your house or business property.

It protects the structural integrity of the house/property and the people inside

This is the main reason why professional roof repair or roof replacement must be your first priority when your roof is damaged.


This type of project is very unique from one project to the next, although is very simple in terms of definition.

New construction projects require working with engineers, architects, builders, construction teams and general contractors. 

There are many differences between this type of project and the previous ones, especially because these projects start from zero until the construction is finished.


When you have clarity about the needs on your property, it’s easy to decide what type of project is right for your house.  

We, at BESTCHOICE CONSTRUCTION have all the experience to do any type of project to cover your roof needs: construction, remodeling or repairing.

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