HOA will take charge of some owners´ responsibilities, but, at the same time, they carry some homeowner obligations.

In the same way, there are agreements that limit the color or your shingles when changing your roof, or building a new patio cover.

Could be covenants about noise, that can affect you when making repairs, remodeling or changes in your roof, or other places of your house.

When you buy a home that makes you part of an HOA, you need to know some issues:


  • Many condos, and some neighborhoods have homeowner’s associations (HOAs) made up of member residents.
  • HOA members are elected from among the residents and serve to maintain grounds, community utilities, to rule some aspects of the constructions and the finances.
  • Many HOAs will require all unit owners to pay a monthly maintenance charge.
  • The HOA’s bylaws will spell out which responsibilities are the associations´ and which are the unit owners’.

Planned Development HOAs

To live in a planned development usually requires you to join the community’s HOA and pay its fees to help cover the upkeep of common

Fees Range Widely

Average monthly HOA fees is about $360. Averages ranged from a minimum of $230 month in Warren, Mich., to a maximum of $580 in New York City.

These fees are generally higher in older buildings and complexes with more units.

Fees can differ even within a development, due to variations in square footage, location, and orientation.

What you get can vary

To buy a home in a managed community means buying a bundle of legal obligations and entitlements in addition to physical living space.

You should look at what is included (and not included) because that will affect your expenses. 

Remember that you’ll pay for perks, such as recreational facilities, even  If you don´t use them.

If you want to share these facilities with friends or family, check the rules and fees that pertain to guest use.

You can be charged with additional Fees.

An HOA may choice one of several options to financial management.

These choices especially affect how it funds unexpected expenses as replacing an HVAC system, or replacing your roof, or building a new patio cover.

When a major expense  comes up, the association may charge each homeowner a special assessment.

These events can run into thousands of dollars.

The Covenants Count

Rules and regulations of different HOAs may be unique so, you can´t learn about HOA’s rules and covenants in that way.

Ask your real estate agent to acquire this information or obtain them through contacting the HOA directly.

You could find you’re restricted in more ways than you might assume.

In addition to governing door color and the like, CC&Rs may limit which types of coverings you can use on street-facing windows, or in new patio cover, or for changing the color or the design or your roof.

Some conclusions

Living in a planned development governed in part by the rules of an HOA

can lead for a more uniform appearance, with a lower chance of using your own decorating taste.

This can be a problem when, for example, you want to change your roof with a different color, or design.

Also you could need a HOA permit for build a new patio cover.

In other words, with a HOA you have to be submitted in some topics when deciding about your home.

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