One of the most important things when buying a home, is the roof. 

Roof is an expensive feature of any house, and it must be checked very carefully when buying that home.

Here there are some important factors to look for in a roof when buying or selling a house.

The age of the Rooftop.

When buying a new home, the first thing to check is the roof.

To do this, you just take a look from certain distance and search for different signals:

Look for if the roof is mold-free; make sure that the roof is perfectly flat and there are not curly edges or bulges.

Search for worn out spots and see if there are “holes” due to missing shingles.

If you find great deformities in the roof this is a signal showing that the roof is very old. 

Even if the roof is old, it is not a big deal, there is nothing wrong, but you have to make sure it hasn´t been affected due to its age.

You have to ask the owner about the lifespan of the roof, and the maintenance he has made on it. 

Depending on the materials used in the roof, it can last long or short time, composite shingles makes the roof last more than others.

Other common materials usually require inspection and more expenses in annual maintenance.

Check the Ventilation System

All roofs need a good ventilation system, no matter if the shingles look like new ones.

A good ventilation system must let sunlight and air come easily and the air flows without problems.

A lack of ventilation causes many problems that will cost you money, and helps in the formation of mold.

Canals and Seepage System

You must to investigate drainage pipes that run along the roof. 

A good way to evaluate the roof´s condition is by inspecting the seepage system from the top, getting up on the roof.

But, this inspection must be done by expert people, getting up on the roof is always a dangerous task.

Because the seepage system involves downspouts, gutters and drainage pipes, when checking the gutters, look for asphalt shingle grains thoroughly.

This shingle check is mandatory, because the small grains that coats shingles protect them from destructive sun beams.

Check for Breaks and Leaks

May be the most critical factors for damaging the floors and structure of a house, are roof leaks. 

They are like a storm and bring a lot of technical problems and distress for the inhabitants.

They harm your furniture, your floor and can destroy the paint and the walls as well. 

The leaks are very difficult to track, generally the source never is in the point of liking, it can be found far from that point. 

The preferred places for leakage are valleys, chimneys and plumbing vents, and it happens on heavily rainy days.

Remember: you always need professional services to find a leak and remove it for you.

This means that you must pay for a professional inspection of the roof to find leaks, investigate the valleys and smoke chimneys.

Additionally, you have to check rooftop creases, they also can have leaks. Be sure to check out all these places as well.

Mold on the Roof

Mold is a fungus that appears on the roof and have diverse shapes, different colors – dark, white, green or black –  and different species.

There are a few molds that can be found very easy because they are severe and rotten, but many are hidden and can’t be easily seen.

Mold can form between walls and on the walls, under floors and roofs and in many other places where it is almost invisible. 

Mold forms mostly in water-drenched materials such as roofs having water pipes and gutter systems all around the house.

Molds usually contaminate the walls, the paint of all the house, and even the floor. 

There are two main reasons for mold developing: poor ventilation system and water leakage especially in hotter climate.

Behind a moldy rooftop there is always a problem of water intrusion from the roof. 

Constantly, it is the same cycle: people see the mold, get it fixed and overlook the source that made it happen.

The problem is that if the source of leak is not fixed, mold will return back on the same spot. 

The water puddles and spreads in the house taking its way in the rugs, and the drywall starts to absorb it, forming mold soon.

The water can also gather inside the walls, this will bring forth various issues later on and will cause more damage to the house.

Another problem with the mold is that It doesn’t only affect the look, also causes bad odor that can make it difficult to live.

And other issue is about health risks due to mold in all the family, including especially the children.

Independently of the size of the gap or leak on rooftop, this topic requires deep investigation for leakage and mold. 

So before you move to your new house, look for professionals if you suspect about mold so that you can get rid of it. 

Check the Rooftop Downspouts

You must check the rooftop downspouts to be sure that all rooftop downpipes are releasing into storm water wells and not right onto the ground. 

It is very critical to search for any chances of past flooding or excessive water flowing around the rooftop downspouts.

This is required because it can mean that the soak wells are not big enough or require a cleaning work, which usually is very expensive.

All these topics are very important in any house, therefore, you have to be careful with these issues when buying a house. 

The best advice to follow is that you should hire a professional to inspect the home and give you a report. 

Another action to do, additionally to this, is repair everything that is bad before you buy and move to your new house to avoid problems.

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