Design is one of the most important issues when you think in building a patio cover.
Right designs will make your life very happy for a long time, while bad ones will be a nightmare for years to come. When designing a patio cover, there are many details to think on, and the important thing here is to consider everything about each one.
This is really crucial, because even the smaller thing you forget, can take your dreams away, and to spend more money.
In the end, all you want is improve your home for many reasons, such as comfort, appearance, and, of course, your resale value.

Think about your budget, and what you can afford.

In the same way you need furniture for every room in your hose, you’ll need furniture for the patio, too.
Buy a patio cover that doesn’t overload your budget, you don’t want to take your savings to zero.
If you have to borrow to get your patio cover, you want payments you can accomplish without having to sell your car.
Don’t buy a poor-quality patio cover, the best action to take is starting an appropriate savings plan so that you can buy a high-quality cover.

Make sure your patio cover fits the style of your house.

You need to be sure that your patio cover doesn’t block the view of your pool, your garden or your yard where your kids play.
At the same time, your patio cover needs to be according to the style of your house, in appearance, colors, shingles and shape.

Your patio has to be convenient

Review if it is possible to build your covered patio adjacent to the kitchen and/or dining room.
If so, the food preparation area will be close and you will be able to have a table to put a buffet.
If you decide to set a freestanding covered patio, you will need to install electrical cables underground for a refrigerator and one or two appliances.

Be careful about windows on second-story

If you live in a heavy snow area, you have to be careful with the patio cover that are close to windows on second-story.
A roof too close to a second-story window produces snow accumulation that can lead to big leaks or shingles damage.
Regardless the area, when a patio roof is too close to a second-story window, rain splashing can cause a mess inside with an open window.
Another problem with this is that a small animal could use the patio roof to get inside the house if a window is left open.

The roof of your patio cover must have a small angle.

Water always runs downhill, so you have to design the roof with an angle in order to allow water to run free away from the house.
The most common recommendation is to build a downward pitch of a quarter-inch for every foot of projection from de house.
But sometimes it depends on the style you want to get in your patio roof.

Make screen mounts blend

If you decide for a screened patio cover, you have to buy to a manufacturer that makes the roof and the mounts for mesh.
Check for manufacturers that make screen framing harmonious with the rest of the patio cover no matter what style you choose.
The framing has to combine with the color, the style and the finish of your house so that it doesn’t look “strange” or without good design.

Windows must match shape, style and proportions

The shape of the windows must be the same as the house’s, in the same way, they have to keep the general house style.
Look for similar windows for the sunroom, as those the house has.
The whole patio cover design has to follow the house style, so that it looks like a part of the same group.
You need to feel comfortable under your patio cover
Make sure the view of your patio cover from the surface of your deck is the one you want and you like to watch.
You must check if you like everything about your patio cover. If you don’t, the best is: review all the details on your design.
Ask yourself about the support columns, the ceiling, the surface, the size, the area, everything.

Be careful with the fashion.

The best way is to look for classic styles, don’t fall in tendencies that last just one or two years.
The same happened with de colors; sometimes they are stylish for a short time, or a season, and disappear soon.
The classic is always “fashion”, and will add value to your house.

Review your electrical needs

Check your design for including electrical service on your patio cover; if so, you have to decide what appliances you want to install.
Among those, you maybe want ceiling lights, fans, electrical BBQ appliances, ice maker, fridge, and others.
You need to design about this in advance, so if you wish to include these services, include them in your design since the beginning.

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