What is a Roofing maintenance contract?

It is an agreement with a roof specialist company, in which the company keeps your roof in good conditions, by an annual payment.

This contract includes one initial inspection to determine if the roof needs a special repair before include it in the annual maintenance agreement.

The maintenance consists of two inspections every year. In these inspections the contractor looks for possible problems and fix them before they become critical.

These inspections usually happen twice a year, once before winter and once when this season ends.

This proactive maintenance ensures the roof lasts as long as possible. By repairing minor problems quickly, you can avoid that your roof becomes damaged.

By doing this, you can prevent that manufacturer warranties expires before time.

Other details of a  include:

Level of solutions about roofing issues

Project timelines

Schedules for projects, inspections, and maintenance.

Additional benefits contractor could offer.

Some discounts (if apply).

Periodical or Monthly payment.

¿What are the advantages/benefits of these contracts?

  • A maintenance agreement protects your roofing and the building’s contents. It helps you to save money, making that roof lasts longer.
  • You do not have to worry about doing roof inspections.
  • In the long term, it is cheaper than repairing.
  • It avoids you to worry about costly repairs when a roof undergoes structural damage.
  • It covers the maintenance required for warranty compliance.
  • Maintenance and inspections can increase the roof’s lifespan by up to 40 – 50 percent.
  • In the inspections, contractors can identify major issues before damage occurs.
  • With a contract, the contractor could customize your roof.

Preventive Roof Maintenance Program vs. warranties

By a contract, you extend the benefits of the manufacturer’s warranty. By using a maintenance program, you get protection against factors that could cause interior leakage.

Additionally, a roof contract, can be a good sales factor when selling if you decide to sale your house.

Maintenance programs save you money. Your roof will never be in a bad condition, and you will be protected against high repairing costs.

On average, you will spend about $125,000 on a roof in a single lifetime, and sometimes it could be more than this price.

Further, spotting issues early will cost less and reduce long-term damage that could end up in high cost repairing.

In the other hand, manufacture’s roof warranties have drawbacks such as:

  • You can use it only when the roof leaks, this can be tricky; nobody knows when appears a leakage.
  • These warranties do not have clauses detailing corrective measures to assembly components that could be affected by the leakage.

Important issues:

Roof maintenance strategies is a good way to ensure that the roof lasts its entire lifespan.

According to some studies, roofs that are not inspected and maintained only last a third to half of its life expectancy.

Paying today for a good maintenance program, will allow you to be relaxed tomorrow about future expenses on your roof.

It is better to think that your roof could have ongoing expenses and not to think about it when problems occur.

You should think in a maintenance contract as if it were something like an insurance. (It is not)

Benefits for the contractor.

Contractors also get benefits when clients take a maintenance contract.

  • They get steady work and attract new customers easier.
  • Maintenance contracts allow roofing contractors to be known by new customers in order to gain additional clients in the future.
  • For newer contractors it is a way to sharp their skills and enhance credibility with new customers.
  • They can make better work planning for all the year, and optimize their resources, people and materials.
  • They can reduce costs.

The key to success in maintenance contracts is that there must be confidence between contractors and owners.

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