If you need to replace your roof, you have to consider several factors before doing the installation.

Examine your roof frame

Inspect the frame that supports your roof. If you notice any areas where the sheathing is soft or broken you should replace it right away.
It is also recommended to remove your existing layer of roofing and examine it before you begin the installation.

Select the right material

Consider the appearance, price and lifespan. Asphalt roofing shingles are economical, but their lifespan is short.
Concrete tile or steel shingles last longer and are a better choice for a long-term investment.
Metal roofs look very good and are a better choice in performance and looks.
Some new materials are more expensive, but they will enhance the curb appeal, so, you will get a better resale value of your home.

Decide if Peeling Off or Layering On

According to building code, you cannot have more than two shingle layers on your roof.
The second layer of shingles will put more stress on your roof, so you peel off the old layer before installing the new shingles.
If you live in a cold area, you could peel off to put in an ice and water shield to prevent leaks from ice buildup.


Think about Installing It Yourself

If  you’re like the majority of homeowners, installing a new roof by yourself may not be the best idea.

However, if you have the tools at your disposal and good experience, simple installations like asphalt shingles may be manageable.

Look for a good Company to contract

Make some calls to roofing companies in the area. Request quotes for your project and make sure they can install the type of roof you need.
You have to be careful about the company you hire. Get references from friends and tradespeople you trust and check websites for certified installers. Find  BBB Accredited Businesses

What about noise?

Replacing the roof is noisy. If you and your family are sensitive to loud noises, you should stay somewhere else while the roofing is made.
It’s also considerate to let your neighbors know ahead of time about this noisy project and when it will start.

Ask for a good contract

Before any work begins, make sure to ask your roofing contractor for a contract that clearly includes everything you have talked about.
You should include: the shingle type, the color, the area of the roof and what exactly the work involves, such as layering, flashing, stripping, etc.

Obtain Other important Documents

In addition to a contract, you should also acquire two other documents.
One of these is a building permit, to be sure that your contractor adheres to the building code.
The other document is a letter from the contractor’s insurance company addressed to you that confirms the project is covered.

Make sure that the nails are removed

If your old roofing was peeled off, many nails were stripped off, and could end up on your lawn or driveway, this could cause injuries.
Contractors can easily pick these up with an enormous magnet with wheels that they use to take around the yard to grab these fasteners.
Make sure to ask them to perform this nail-collecting service before you make the final payment.

Prevent the need for another roof replacement

Here there is a few maintenance tips to help your roof last as long as it can:

  • Inspect and Clean Your Roof: it will reduce the growth of moss, algae, fungi and lichen, which can produce the disintegration of your roof.
  • Replace Cracked Sealant.
  • Look for Rust: If your roof includes metallic parts, regularly inspect these parts for corrosion or rust. 
  • Clean out Your Gutters: Keep your gutters clear to avoid water accumulation.
  • Keep Your Chimney in Good Shape: Check your chimney for missing or cracked mortar, if you find any, replace it as soon as possible. 
  • Prevent Ice Dams From Forming: they can cause severe damage to your roof. 

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