To add a patio cover is a very good way to enhance the appearance and function of your patio area, especially in places like Houston.
There are some important facts you need to know so that your cover building will be successful and that it will last for many years.
Your patio is a good place to gather with your family in summer, and, a good spot for invite friends to stay for a while.
An open patio is a nice space that add charm and variety to your home, and, additionally, is a very special family area.
Therefore, if you can have an overhead covering constructed over it, your patio will be more useful and comfortable on different weather conditions.

What is a patio cover?

It is a structure made on the patio area to cover one portion of that area, to protect people from the sun and the rain.
It can be attached to the house structure, or can be built as a free-standing patio cover structure.
It can be constructed with different materials such as aluminum, different metals, cloth, vinyl, cloth or wood. There is a great variety of options.
When you decide to make a patio cover, it is very important to review some factors that will help you in this job.
By taking account these factors, your patio cover will be a very good investment, it will enhance your house and the structure will last longer.
These factors are:


• Size of your patio

This is a definitive variable. It determines the size, cost and conditions of the cover.

• Kind of structure: temporary or permanent

This depends on your future plans for your home and your own design.

• Climate

Depending on the weather conditions, you will choose the materials, design and shape.

• Building codes

You need to check these codes otherwise you could break some rules. You don’t want to do it.

Another kind of factors you have to consider are the design factors:

• Roof Design Load

This is composed by the weight of the materials and the additional load like snow, tree branches and others (depending on your area).
For finding this information, read the International Building Code or ask to the local building code authorities.

• Roof Slope

This information can be obtained from the manufacturer.

• Rafter Size, Length and Spacing

With the Roof Load and Pitch, you can calculate the Sizes, Lengths, and spacing of rafters.
For doing this, use the Span Calculator, on the American Wood Council website.

• Beams and Posts

With the Design load, you can determine the total weight of the roof, by using the designed area.

• Footings

Soil conditions depend on the location. Soils in the far northern (and far southern) hemispheres require deeper footings due to frost line factors.
These can be determined based on the International Building Code and local building codes.

What is A Freestanding Patio?

It is a covered patio without being supported by the house or another building; it has independent structure.
Because they stand by themselves, they have different sizes and heights. Due to this you can build any patio cover that suits your own style.

Benefits of a Freestanding Patio


• It is Usually Larger
I can be built it as large as you want to accommodate more people.
There are not worries about the climate.
• It is easier to Install
Attaching the cover of your patio on the roof of your house is hard to do, and you need a strong enough roof structure.
It is stronger and safer because it is supported by at least four individual posts that do not rely on any other building.
• It has more privacy.
Because it is separated from the house, it provides a less noisy environment.
People feel more free to talk by being far from de house.



– To build a patio cover can be a good idea for enhancing your home backyard.
– You must have some considerations when building a patio cover,
– A good idea to build it is to hire a good contractor, even that you can do it yourself.
– A patio cover can improve your home value.
– It is a new space in your home to gather with your family and friends.

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